What is Informative Advertising?

Informative advertising is advertising that is carried out in an informative manner. The concept is to give the ad the look of an official article to give it more credibility. Also, informative ads tend to help generate a good reputation. Over The Moon Media specializes in the writing, design and media placement of informative advertising, ads that give credibility to your marketing message and are designed to move consumers to a direct and immediate call-to-action. This is our niche specialty, call or write us and find out how this can work for your product or service.

Delivering Profitable Results through Content-Driven Informative Advertising

Whether it is television, radio, newspaper or magazine, online or offline, Over The Moon Media creates response-generating advertising that seamlessly blends in with the media environment it is located in. Through the use of information-driven messaging, we create advertorials and infomercials that blend in with the environment they are created for. And, through our decades long knowledge of the media that generates the best response, we couple our readable stories and watchable programming with media that generates profits for you. We are interested in making sure your advertising efforts generate direct and measureable profits.

Delivering Profitable Results through Retail Advertising

If you are a retailer looking to increase your sales through direct mail, print, radio or television, we create marketing messages that deliver quantifiable results for you. Image and branding are great, but if you want to increase sales and retail foot traffic, we have the experience to make that happen.

We should talk…

Sure, we can show all the work we do for others, but the truth is, all the success that other clients have shouldn’t mean anything to you. We are only interested in how we can make YOU successful and the way we do that for you will be with the right messaging and the right media. Contact us for a no-cost consultation, we’ll chat as long as you like. We are not going to boast about ourselves, we are going to listen to you and give you straight honest talk about how we can help you make a direct profit from your advertising investment.